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January 23, 2005

6x6 Broken Fountain Tile Analysis

Wizards has finally released the January D&D campaigns, an in it is one of the most fundamental changes in skirmish play since, well... the mushroom tangle. The first of what will be more to come of 6x6 tiles.

Several months ago before I wrote my Denying Assault articles I was considering writing an article on "magic numbers" in tile layout: 4 space gaps prevent any tile from going in, 6 prevent tiles with all hard edges, etc. etc. But now it appears that such cut and dried rules no longer apply.

What is interesting though is that any rule to prevent a 5x8 tile from going in also apply to blocking placement of a 6x6 tile. You are still OK placing tiles 4 squares apart to keep new tile from going in, and issues with hard and soft edges are the same. The only rule is really a "can't place any more" type rule where you have a 7x7 (or 9x9 area that has wall issues) you cannot place the 5x8 since one side is too long.

So the mere shape of the 6x6 tile isn't going to give any advantage in preventing your opponent from doing anything. What advantage I do see is that it can be rotated in any of 4 different ways when you pick the spot you are going to place it. This is unlike rectangular tile that can only be placed in one of two ways. Unless they make a 6x6 treasure room or torture chamber where two adjacent sides are continuous walls then it's not useful for barricade or blocking use. This would provide a distinct advantage over the treasure room and torture chamber since their corner is formed with the same "handedness" which limits the pair of sides you can fully block. But if it was in a square it could block any two adjacent sides from where you want to play it.

This first 6x6 is mostly useful (in my mind) to provide a way station without line of sight for one, and maybe two squares depending on how you use it. But I have heard the next tile is supposed to look like a series of smaller rooms. That tile looks to me to be more tourney worthy than the fountain.

Would I use it? For now just to get a feel of how the 6x6 tiles work with tile layout, but it really doesn't provide any specialized value that other tiles don't do a better job of. It will have to be a future 6x6 to get put in my standard set of considerations.


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