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March 16, 2005

Possible Rumor

Apparently my joking around about a Liger on the MaxMinis board has paid off. I got an e-mail from someone who calls themselves "Throat Wolf." Apparently they are working on Liger (a Lion/Tiger cross bread) and Tigron (Tiger/Lion, switch the mom and dad) minis for the set after Underdark. They haven't nailed down all of the stats, particularly for the Liger. But the Tigron will have a new ability: Improved Incited.

Ok, I hear the complaints now, "how the #@$% can you improve incited?" What makes it improved is that it always acts first in the round, even if you lose initiative. There are some corner cases WRT both players having a Tigron, or three: in that case they activate in initiative order. And there will be "split phases" if you have an odd number of Tigrons.

At least they aren't doing goofy things like Dual Activation+Incited+Inhibited. (Acts first and last in the round). But give them a few sets, and an opportunity to make an RPG monster that works like that and they will. Perhaps some sort of uber-haste effect?


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