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March 24, 2005

Warband Generator

Wizards of the coast has updated their warband generator for Deathknell, to version 1.6.

While that normally isn't interesting in and of itself, what is interesting is the tiles page. First, they included all four Sandstorm Tiles: Oaisis, Jagged Wasteland, Mummy's Crypt, and the Sun Temple.

Second, there are two tiles that have been releast that are not there. The first is the Scortched chamber, which may not be there because it is the newest prize tile.

The second? Treasure Room. All of the other 7 harbinger tiles are there, but not Treasure Room. Was it a mistake or does the person writing the Warband generator know something we don't?


Update: The treasure room is there in the 1.61 version of the builder.


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