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April 7, 2005

Dungeron Room Tile

I hope it's not an April Fools joke, but WOTC says that The Dungeon Room is the tile for April. This is the tile I've been waiting for...
  • 6x6 size. If it can fit any way it can be rotated
  • 4 hard corders. Great for blocking out area
  • Permiable. i.e. you can run from all sides to the others, unlike Treasure Room
  • Great Cover. Look at all of those nooks next to each door. This is a must for Greycloak Ranger and Kenku Sneak Fans.
  • Somewhat LoS permiable. This is a good or bad, but you can get a LoS for effects through it with an 18 degree cone coming out of each entrance. (3/1 square angle). So larges can hide behind some corners but Beholders can mostly see right through it.
Man, if there were only a way my TO would let me get it before the game saturday...


  • The Dungeon Rooms tile is fantastic. Unlike the previous 6x6 tile, this one can really mess with an opponent's tile placement strategies, since it's effectively a 6x6 wall (for placement purposes).

    I'm not done experimenting with it yet, but I'm definitely looking at it to replace the corridor for creating non-obvious sight lines for various "sight" range effects.

    By Kevin Tatroe, at 1:35 PM  

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