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May 11, 2005

Running Blinds

Here is another instance where Skirmish is more like chess than some of the other miniatures games. The situation is that you need to kill the wounded Grim Necromancer who has so kindly summoned 20 points of undead. The problem is that one of them is closer than the grim necromancer, and he is an especially bashy undead as well.

Charging to get close won't work, since even an enemy spellcaster prevents you from casting a spell. And the safe spot on the other side of the Necromancer is far on the other side. What's a squishy warlock to do?

When I played paintball I did a lot of running from cover position to cover position. Just like in skirmish if they can't see you generally they can't hit you. Sometimes you needed to run a long way between bunkers but needed some cover so you wouldn't be shot out. One tactic was to "Run a blind" where you would use a third bunker between you and the person covering you. With this bunker in the way, even if it was 20 yards away, you could still run safely because you would be "blind" to your opponent. Because the bunker was in the way he couldn't see you. You could run up and down the corridor it formed all day, at least until someone else could see you.

The trick here is the same, to use some intervening walls to make the closest visible creature and the closest creature two different miniatures. If you move the warlock two squares to the right he now has no line of sight to the Minotaur Skeleton, and just barely has line of sight to the Grim Necromancer.

Unlike RPG Skirmish doesn't have ranged touch, so the obscene amount of cover the warlock has is not an issue.

With a little creative movement, the Warlock has just netted 55 points and 3 figures removed from your opponents squad. Not bad for being such a renegade!


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