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May 12, 2005

Tourney Info Posted by WOTC

Wizards has posted information on two tournaments that we have been waiting for, first the details for the 2005 Gen Con Indy Championship and the Angelfire prerelease. I don't see them linked on either main page but they will be coming soon since my RSS reader picked up the news stories.

But WOTC deserves two bravos for their announcement. First, the top 8 for the championships will be on Sunday! Plenty of time to get more food poisoning and lose more sleep.

Bravo #2 goes out because they also announced the date of the Angelfire prerelease w/o a list of venues. First, this gives you opportunity to lean on your FLGS to try and host the event if they are vacillating. Second, this gives at least a months warning for a big tournament. It's actually closer to a month and a week. Yes, Angelfire is that close! I think that is better to delay the venue announcements or announce a partial list than to hold up the entire process for a few lagers. Adding venues, when properly announced, is a good surprise.


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