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June 6, 2005

A Balanced Solution to the CE Hordes: Making CE "Hate" Miniatures

Even with he banning of the Drider the CE bands are still running roughshod over most of the field. While not 100% dominating they are shaping the field in that only skilled play or another CE band will be a reliable way to beat them. DeathKnell was supposed to provide LE the minis it needed to be on top, but the old big stick standbys are still ruining the LE fun.

What is really needed is minis that are decent to OK for their faction but are ones CE would just hate to see. However they cannot strictly be better than the other minis or else we have merely set a new standard for minis.

Honor Guard
Lawful Good; 24 points; Made up (1/1, Uncommon) Humanoid (Human)
Level: 6
Speed: 6
AC: 15
HP: 55
Melee Attack: +11/+6 (5)
Courage against Evil (Gains Fearless if this mini can see an Evil Enemy)
Chaotic Bane (Melee Attack +2, Melee Damage +10 against Chaotic)

Against a LG band, A Warforged Hero is strictly better. Against a LE/CG band the Hero is slightly better. Against CE? Load up your warband! The Honor guard dislikes chaos and evil, but it just hates chaos and evil.


  • I think you have your anti CE piece with the justice archon now. The nice thing is that was made as a chaotic hate piece without actually tying it's ability to any particular alignment or race.

    By Anonymous, at 2:14 PM  

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