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July 5, 2005

Functional Hit Point Efficiency

Much like attack efficiency, not all miniatures are created equal when it comes to their survivability. Some are pin cushions while others fall over if you sneeze too hard. The formula I used to calculate the functional hit point efficiency is the same I used to calculate attack efficiency: FHP/Cost. Almost all figures have a ration greater than one, and unlike the Functional Attack Efficiency the curve has more of an even middle group than a consistent drop off.

To give a perspective, 90% of the figures have an efficiency of less than 2.75, which is nearly half of the high water mark at the Dwarf Phalanx Fighter (and that is without special abilities). 75% are lower than 2.18, the median efficient is 1.71, and the 25th percentile is a paltry 1.29.

Here is the current top 20 list (still waiting for Angelfire spoilers) dominated mostly by the lawful folks. Bloodhulk Fighter doesn't belong, but that is because I haven't factored in the impact of his fragile ability, he has between 85 and 50 HP depending on who's hitting him, so his efficiency lies somewhere between 2.04 and 3.05, still high on the list however. This also shows how big a deal undead are when it comes to durability, not having to make morale saves makes a big difference!

1Dwarf Phalanx Soldier60.755.06
2Zombie White Dragon162.504.39
3Dread Guard60.754.34
4Wood Woad63.004.20
5Medium Astral Construct42.004.20
6Bloodhulk Fighter110.004.07
7Gnoll Skeleton20.254.05
9Troglodyte Zombie39.003.90
10Hill Dwarf Warrior15.003.75
11Gnome Fighter22.003.67
12Zhentarim Fighter25.003.57
14Thayan Knight103.133.44
15Halfling Veteran37.633.42
16Stalwart Paladin30.003.33
17Human Thug12.753.19
18Timber Wolf15.503.10
20Celestial Dire Badger27.133.01


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