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July 28, 2005

Knee Jerk Analysis of Fane of Lolth Map

Wizards has posted the map that will be used for the 2005 GenCon D&D Miniatures Championship. After looking at it for five minutes here are my knee jerk notes about it.
  • Obviously the map is not symmetrical. You will clearly need a running strategy from both sides of the map.
  • Staring areas and exists break from the tradition. Exists are in the middle of the short sides and are not part of Player A's start area.
  • Player B has a huge swath of area on almost all of the Left side of the map, 3x18 squares except for two trimed off the the lower left side. Player A has two start areas, one 6x4 and the other 5x6. It is unclear whtether or nat Player A can split their assembly.
  • First turn assult points will be more difficult. Victory Areas are deep in the opponents side of the board, and both requre a speed 10 or greater unit to score the points.
  • Victory areas are easily defendable fromt he start area. A speed 8 beater can attack any square in any victory area on turn one.
  • Execllent line of site, and excellent cover for medium figures as well. You can move your figure and gain cover if all you want is cover, but ranged figures will still have sweet spots where htey can threaten larg areas of the board.
  • There is significant line of sight into Start Area A on turn one with a move of 6. This has huge impact for figures with sight effects such as the Gauth and Beholder and spell slingers like the Red Wizard and Elf Pyromancer.
  • There are still some rules questions: What about Scout and Wandering Moster creatures? Cave Setup?
Next week I will post a bit more on this map after I look at it better.


  • Post #28 on gives some clarifications that you might find useful. (thank Merricb for this catch)

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  • Just realized I should clarify, and I can't edit that post. I'm the poster, and I'm not Merric.

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