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August 1, 2005

Star Wars Minis Rules Updated: There Can be Only One (Winner, That Is)

Did anyone notice today that the DCI floor rules for Star Wars Miniatures was updated today? Well, this will be an indication for what they are planning to do for D&D Miniatures.

First, they changed the standard scenario from Kill 'em All to "Standard Scenario." This scenario looks, smells, and tastes like Assault, except that there is only one scoring area: within four squares of the center of the board. I'd have to look at the star wars maps to see if that makes any maps better than others. But the major impact here is this: Assault isn't going to go away. Organized play likes it so much they are converting it to play with Star Wars.

Second, they deal with the "double win" situation. Victory is only checked at the end of a complete round. If both players meet the victory condition then the player with the most points wins. If still tied they keep playing complete rounds until a winner is determined. Very simple to state, elegant, and a piece of cake to officiate. No arguments about my flamethrower blasting an adjacent enemy and killing both, and the opponent claiming he wins the moment I resolve my effect.

Finally the biggest change, one I expect we will see in the first release of the 2006 rules. There are no ties, intentional or otherwise. What we have instead is double losses. If after all reasonable tie-breakers are exhausted we still have a tie both players lose. This also has direct impact on declared and indirect intentional draws, both players chalk up a loss. Going late into a tournoment you in effect have absolutely nothing to lose by playing, because you both have lost until one of you gives cause for either one of you to win. Another elegant and easy to officiate rule. It may not be a popular one but it eliminates a whole bunch of nasty "gaming the tournament" corner cases.

And by indirect intentional draw I mean where you both play but conspire to force a draw. "You win initiative," "ok, pass/pass," "pass/pass as well," etc. until the non-aggression rule kicks in. We both have zero with two 3 point figures on the corner of the assembly tile, so we draw.


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