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August 24, 2005

SWAG: Speculation, Wild Assumptions, and Guesses

As if you didn't get or see enough SWAG (Stuff We All Get) at Gen Con now you get some from me. Since I wasn't there (Solomon's choice between my wife's family reunion and spending large sums of money to play with little plastic dolls... how do you choose?!) I feel you should get some SWAG from me.

There will be a map in War Drums that has either forest/jungle areas/features or the map will have forest or jungle in the title. Why? First off the Forest Troll. For some reason I just don't see a forest glen tile coming in the next started and time is awful short for Organized Play to release the Jungle Pool tile by January (it could happen). That alone wouldn't be enough. My corroborating evidence is the background pictures of the War Drums starter and boosters have a definite deep jungle theme.

Wild Assumptions
Wouldn't a miniatures block/cycle be cool? Allegedly the November 2006 set is going to be a huge set named Juggernaut. Sounds kind of martial. Could there be a theme for the next cycle around wars and such? Will the July 2006 set be named something martial as well, like "Battle Cry" or "Battle Scars?" Don't get too excited unless the next release of the floor rules allows for "block constructed" or "single expansion" tournaments and creates Harbinger and Abberations block tournaments. And don't hold your breath until January when they rev the floor rules for War Drums.

The 2006 Epic Championships won't be at Gen Con Indy, not if WOTC knows what is good for the game. They should target Origins, Winter Fantasy, or some other convention that occurs during the early portions of the Constructed Qualifier seasons. Magic lives off of the 6 city alternating format pro tour and that it what keeps it going year round. The Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures Game can't afford 3 months of nationally tracked competitive down time without losing its steam.

Also, don't expect to see the word "Skirmish" on the cover or title page of the War Drums Rule booklet. It will soon become a trivia question like "What does the word "deckmaster" on the back of MTG cards mean?"


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