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The Miniatures War College
Advenio paratus. Egressus melior paratus.
D&D Miniatures strategy and analysis.

October 11, 2005

Podcast 2: Fair Woodland Creatures of the Underdark

Episode 2 of the Miniatures War College is up. This podcast changes the name for hopefully the last time. This episode covers Underdark Previews #5 and #6 and the October Previews. The second segment discusses tools for calculating Line of Sight.

Please note that all of the links to this weblog and podcast have changed to /warcollege/ (college as in a place of learning) from /warcollage/ (collage as in an assembly of various fragments). Auto-redirects should be in place to update most feed reders, but some may need to be changed by hand. Also the feedburner link has changed as well.

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