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November 01, 2005

A9 Search Results bode well for DDMG

I did a bit of marketing research on the internet and disovered that the top two searches for "booster pack" on A9 are for D&D Miniatures produts! Abberations and Angelfire to be specific. Beating out Po-ke-oh, YuGiMon, Magic, and all of the Clix games. Images didn't fare too well, #1 was a UGO game but two and three are star wars minis!

So why would I have found this out? The truth is I was attempting to see if I could mine out and scoop the real name of Set 10, what I will tenatively code name "Battle Cry". I though that since July Releases such as Secrets of Xen'drik have surfaces that we may be seeing some other July products. No such luck yet.


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